Proverbs the Movie

Proverbs the Movie

Location Manager for Proverbs the Movie, directed by Terry Davis – South Carolina Film Institute, Columbia, SC.

Locations obtained for film:

Hardees West Columbia

Limo Service for Court House scene.

I was provided a zero budget, meaning if at all possible acquire either a Cookout or Hardees location, (specifically for the use of the drive-thru), and one limo, for the final closing scene.

Cookout, and most major Hardees locations requested that we speak with the “legal department” which did not meet our scheduled outline. I am pleased that one franchise was excited to have us on board, and I spent the day along with one of the managers redirecting customers to head into the restaurant, as we were occupying the drive-thru.

Fun fact, the silver car pictured above, is my personal car which based on a series of events ended up making a cameo.

Due to a death in the family, I was out of town for final services and unable to be present for the limo scene. The company was nice enough to throw in “one of their best looking drivers” with a suit for free.

For both projects: zero money was provided to either franchise as I successful negotiated free credit and mention in the film.

You can learn more about Proverbs the Movie here:

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